All the things (data) I haven’t done this year…

The publication of this post, which also happens to be on my birthday, is dedicated to reminding me that even if I haven’t done exactly all the things I had planned to do, I have done many things, and I have learnt from each and every one of them, and that’s what really matters! TheseContinue reading “All the things (data) I haven’t done this year…”

The power of the grain in data

Here goes my presentation for the #BelgiumTUG Virtual Meet Up on the power of the grain in data. What is the grain in data? The grain is the finest level of detail, every data point behind a calculation, every person, every case, every line in a dataset. And if there is one thing that definesContinue reading “The power of the grain in data”

Visualizing Academics Without Borders’ Impact

Welcome to the official opening of dataconfab, where I plan to post lots of random and interesting things about data… or at least interesting to me! And for this first post, I’ve chosen to talk about my submission to one of the #vizforsocialgood projects supporting Academics Without Borders. About vizforsocialgood and Academics Without Borders VizforsocialgoodContinue reading “Visualizing Academics Without Borders’ Impact”