How is data collected?

#MyMomIsADataAnalyst After ‘What is Data?‘, in this second story of My mom is a data analyst, I look at how to collect data, with two new characters, just as passionate about data! Many thanks to all of you who have contributed to making this story possible. I am really enjoying putting all my notes andContinue reading “How is data collected?”

What is data?

#MyMomIsADataAnalyst I am a data analyst and I love what I do! Ever since I started working remotely due to the COVID situation, my daughter became very interested in my work, probably just because for the first time due to the lockdown, she saw me working hours and hours every day. What do you do,Continue reading “What is data?”

Visualizing Academics Without Borders’ Impact

Welcome to the official opening of dataconfab, where I plan to post lots of random and interesting things about data… or at least interesting to me! And for this first post, I’ve chosen to talk about my submission to one of the #vizforsocialgood projects supporting Academics Without Borders. About vizforsocialgood and Academics Without Borders VizforsocialgoodContinue reading “Visualizing Academics Without Borders’ Impact”